Don’t DIY Garage Door Spring Repair, Let us Help.

Garage door spring repair is not an easy task. It is not for the casual “do it yourself-er”. Garage door springs are under heavy tension and supported by a heavy door. If you attempt a garage door spring repair yourself, you could find yourself in a big heap of mess and possibly the emergency room. This is not to say that it can’t be done on your own, but it probably shouldn’t.

That’s why we, at Texas Garage Repair, are here for you. We can handle your garage door spring repair. Garage door springs are a major component of the garage door. Torsion and extension springs are the main types of garage door springs seen in residential homes.

Types of Springs in a Garage Door

A torsion spring works by twisting. It’s a flexible, elastic object that stores mechanical energy when it is twisted. When twisted, it exerts force, called torque, in the opposite direction, proportional to the amount, angle, that it is twisted.

Extension springs, on the other hand, are attached at both ends to other components. When the components move apart, the spring tries to bring them together again. Extension springs absorb and store energy. They also create a resistance to a pulling force. Initial tension determines how tightly together an extension spring is coiled.

Why You Need the Professionals at Texas Garage Repair

As you can see, these are complex mechanisms that carry quite a bit of force behind them. They are also holding up your garage door, which, as we mentioned before, is rather heavy. Our technicians are trained in every aspect of garage door spring repair and maintenance and can handle whatever comes their way. We work on a variety of different garage door types including Amarr, Clopay and Wayne Dalton.

Garage door spring repair is something we do nearly every day at Texas Garage Repair. It’s no big deal for us. We can repair your springs if possible or just replace them. Either way, we’ve got you covered. We are open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week so that we can service your garage door at any time of the day or night. We are happy to provide this type of service to you because, without properly functioning garage door springs, your door does not work. A garage door that doesn’t work is of no benefit to you and can lead to harmful situations.

We understand your need for a fully functional garage door. Your garage door opener springs must be at just the right tension to work effectively. We can adjust the tension if that’s what you need. We will make a thorough analysis of all working parts of your door and see exactly where things are going wrong.

Texas Garage Repair will also consider replacing your cables at this time because they could be causing problems along with your extension springs. We will do whatever it takes to keep your garage door healthy and in great working order. We are affordable and efficient. We will repair what is needed and we will work hard and fast to make sure your garage door spring repair is done correctly so you don’t need to call us back out for the same problem a few weeks down the line.

Contact us today using our form or call 512.518.6606. We’re here to help.