Garage Door Specialists, The Garage Door Services You’re Looking For

When something is wrong with their garage doors, our customers want quick service they can count on. We pride ourselves on fast response (usually same day), including 24/7 emergency service, and service we stand behind with a warranty. Customers also want to know all options available to them for their garage doors. As a full service garage door company, we’re able to advise and provide garage door service for any situation. We work with both residential garage doors and commercial garage doors, understanding the different needs. Our range of experience is broad so we’re comfortable doing custom garage door service that isn’t standard.

Garage Door Experts and Personal Service Means Getting The Right Garage Door Service

Sometimes, the issue with your garage door isn’t clear. As a garage door service company focused on personal service, we spend the time to understand your situation and make the appropriate recommendations. For more involved questions, we’ll even put you directly in touch with a technician. Our customers have come to view us as a resource to help them make the best decision. Give us a call, we’re happy to advise you.

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Routine and Emergency Garage Door Repair and Replacement – 24/7 & Fast

It’s never a good time for a garage door to stop working. With busy schedules, we know that fast garage door repair is important. We can usually get there same day and for those times when repairs are needed immediately, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair services.

We handle all garage door repairs and replacements that you might need and offer more than one option to get your garage door moving again at a good price. IMPORTANT: Some garage door repairs can be dangerous (e.g. garage door spring replacement). Give us a call before trying to do it yourself. We’re happy to advise you for free and it may turn out to be something better done by you.

Garage Door Maintenance Saves Money In The Long Run

A little garage door maintenance goes a long way to reduce garage door repairs. Catching something early means avoiding more costly damage. Texas Garage Repair offers packages to inspect, clean, lubricate, and test your garage door to provide smoother functioning and spot potential issues you might want to address sooner rather than later. This is an economical service that pays big dividends in avoided garage door replacements and repairs.

Need a New Garage Door Installation?

Getting a new garage door installed involves several decisions. In addition to finding a garage door installer you can trust, need to consider the garage door you’re getting. We have a wide selection of popular brands and styles and can get you just about any garage door, standard or custom, for your garage door installation. We can answer questions and advise to help you get the right garage door for your budget and needs. And we warranty all our work so you can trust we’re doing a good job that lasts.


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