Garage Door TypesAt Texas Garage Repair, we know that your next garage door needs to be perfectly customized for your Austin home! It’s with this notion that we go all-out on providing you plenty of great options. Remember, the best installations are ones that you are a part of! We don’t just have a one-size-fits-all approach – we want to know which of the following (or even a more specialized job) might be what you’re after.

Swing Up Garage

Your typical garage door (and the one you’ll encounter the most) is the swing-up style. This simple-yet-brilliant design is enjoyed by millions because of its convenience! The door swings up, and is stored on the ceiling of your garage. With the proper garage door installation, this is a classy and secure choice! Additionally, many of the top garage door brands have this style as a sort of default – that means your options will be just about endless!

Swing Out Garage

This door, especially when matched with an elegant wood cut, can be the classy alternative to the larger and sometimes unwieldy-appearing garage doors. The swing out type is just as it sounds – two doors will swing open (usually towards the driveway) and offer easy closing when needed. It’s a classy and humble approach to making your curb appeal points go up.

Roll Up Garage

The “roll up” style of garage doors is usually your most affordable option. It’s a rather uncommon type of door that you are not likely to see on your usually stroll down the neighborhood. But don’t let its lack of install bases on your average home fool you – this can be a very clever option for people that don’t necessarily want to invest in a more pricey choice. Expect to find metal sheets as a more common option for a roll up garage’s material.

Slide to the Side Garage

If you are not too keen on picking one of the three types of garage doors above, we have one last idea to toss your way – the slide-to-the-side garage door. This often misunderstood door provides easy maintenance and use. By making a simple one-way door crafted out of awsome materials like hardwood, your slide-to-the-side door is sure to be very unique.

So, which of the above types do you see your Austin home installing? Let us know! We’ve been passionately working within our industry for over 10 years – you can bet that we’ll do a top-notch job for you! If you still have a few lingering questions about the types above, reach out to us.

Last of all, we offer garage door maintenance on any garage door brand and any of the types above.