Garage Door Maintenance That’s Economical and Easy

Avoid Garage Door Repairs and Extend the Life of Your Garage Door.

Until something goes wrong, it’s easy to ignore your garage door. We want to make the choice to maintain your garage door and extend its life an easy one. We’ve developed several garage maintenance packages that meet your needs and budget. And with our convenient scheduling and fast garage door service, it’s a hassle-free experience that fits nicely into any opening in your schedule. Our garage door maintenance service is thorough and within pre-priced packages can be customized to the specific needs of your garage door. Scheduled garage door maintenance should take place annually.

The maintenance process.

The first step that we take is inspecting and testing every part and system of your garage door to spot potential issues. If anything is out of place, for example garage door track or rollers, we get it back into place with a quick adjustment. If something is worn or requires more extensive garage door repairs or replacements, we’re equipped to do so in the same appointment. Spotting problems early mean the fixes are cheaper and less invasive than if the problem is sudden (e.g. garage spring snapping). Smaller items, like garage door hinges and weather stripping, is included in the maintenance package.

We then perform a variety of garage door treatments to clean out dirt and other debris that can impede performance or cause problems. We lubricate the track and all moving parts of the garage door to ensure smooth running of the garage door spring, chain, cable, etc. For wood garage doors, we’re performing needed treatments to prevent rot. For metal garage doors, we’re treating to prevent rust.

Garage Door Packages

These packages were designed to be both thorough and economical. If you don’t see something on there that you need, garage door maintenance packages can be customized to meet your specific needs. Scheduled garage door maintenance should take place annually. Just give us a call and we can give you more detail.

Package #1

Package #2