What to Consider When Installing a Garage Door

When you install a new garage door, there are a lot of things to consider. Before you think about what you want to get, you should decide what your needs are. Many types of homes exist. They have many sizes, layouts and décor. Consider your options and decide which one is best for the climate you live in as well as your budget and taste.

Should I install the door myself?

We aren’t saying this just because we are a garage door company, but no. A garage door should be installed by a professional. Garage doors are difficult to replace. They have pulleys and other mechanisms. Plus, they are rather heavy and you could injure yourself if you aren’t extra careful.

If you have to do it yourself, don’t be alone. Have an assistant who can help bear the weight of the garage door and make sure you don’t get hurt.

What about energy efficiency?

Well, you should certainly consider energy efficiency when adding a garage door to your home. Get an insulated door if you possibly can. Why? It will keep cool air in and hot air out in summer and vice versa in the winter. Your garage door, if not properly insulated, can cause you to increase your energy bills and no one wants that.

What type of door do I install?

Garage doors have lots of varieties, styles and materials. Figure out your budget first and then choose a garage door that fits within that budget. You should also decide the level of care and maintenance you’re going to give your garage door. Some doors are more high maintenance than others. You should also decide between the most common materials such as wood, wood composite, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Then, decide which spring type you want.

Do I want accessories?

Are you getting a garage door opener or using the old one? Any special key remotes? Each of these options is important to decide upon when getting your garage door. We also recommend you have a professional put in the garage door opener. Why? It’s easier and you know it’ll be done right. The opener is what opens and closes the door. You don’t want to get that wrong. It’ll be a truly unsafe door if you do.

If you ask yourself these questions honestly and think hard and long about the answers, it will go a long way towards getting a good garage door. If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door, you obviously have a lot to consider. Let Texas Garage Repair help you out. We’re happy to talk with you about the matter. We can be reached any time at 512.518.6606.



Low-Cost Steel Garage doors

A common issue people have when they are in the market for a new garage door is the price.  We have good news – an excellent garage door can be installed that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg – it just depends on the materials you choose.

When you choose low-cost aluminum or steel garage doors, you’re going with something that’s functional, sturdy and various (there’s plenty of style choices.)

Classic Raised Panels

Contrary to what you may think about what materials are required to make the classic raised panels, your traditional steel garage doors are perfect for the attractive raised panels.  Because of the malleable material, you can get fresh design choices at a low cost.  As opposed to fully custom-cut wood doors, steel takes less time to create for your garage – those savings will be passed to you!


You don’t lose durability when you go with aluminum.  This classic, affordable garage door is one of the best bang-for-your-buck values you’ll find in the garage industry.  You’ll know why the concepts of easily dented and harmed steel door is more a myth, especially when you get the proper brand, when you get it installed!  Additionally, a lighter garage door material can mean less wear and tear on your garage.


If you want to take your steel or aluminum garage door to the next level, you should consider looking at select garage door brands that have glass built into the door.  These mini-windows will let some sun into your garage for weekend use as well as allow you to enjoy the awesome look they provide.

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