Garage Door Drum Repair

Garage door drums are circular rollers with groves and are attached at both the sides of the torsion springs shafts on the top of the garage door. When you raise the door, the safety cables wind and unwind on the grooves of these circular rollers to lift the heavy garage door. Since a garage door is used every day, the frequent use causes wear and tear to springs, drums and cables, preventing the garage door to function the way it should. It is therefore very important to pay attention to these signs and take appropriate actions when you find something wrong with garage door components.
How can a damaged cable drum impact the performance of your garage door? Every time you raise the garage door, the safety cables wind and unwind on the drums to lift the heavy door. Any distortion to the drum shape might cause the safety cables to slip out and lead to a free-fall of the door panels. It can also cause the cable to totally snap and led to damaged tracks.
How can you know there is a problem with the garage door drums? Do you think that your garage door is opening with a sudden jerk? Is it making a squeaking noise? Is the door not able to contact the floor evenly? All these signs indicate that you might want to inspect your drums for any signs of wear and tear or impending break-down.
Should you attempt to repair or replace the cable drums by yourself? It is not a very good idea. The springs and associated parts such as cables and drums are placed under huge tension and any slip might result in the door falling down with immense force and has the potential to cause serious and fatal accidents. It is always advised not to fiddle with these parts yourself and always hire a professional to do the repairing or replacement. The professional technicians are experts, know the risks and work around and are armed with right hardware and helpful tools to perform the repair of garage door drum or any other part efficiently.
Do you feel that your garage door drum needs to be looked at? Texas Garage Door Repair can help you repair or replace your cable drums. We are experts in providing high-quality and affordable garage door repair services and are available 24 x 7. We offer repair and maintenance services for broken garage door springs, garage door opener, garage door bent door panels, weather seals, bent garage door tracks. We also provide garage door installation services.


What to Consider When Installing a Garage Door

When you install a new garage door, there are a lot of things to consider. Before you think about what you want to get, you should decide what your needs are. Many types of homes exist. They have many sizes, layouts and décor. Consider your options and decide which one is best for the climate you live in as well as your budget and taste.

Should I install the door myself?

We aren’t saying this just because we are a garage door company, but no. A garage door should be installed by a professional. Garage doors are difficult to replace. They have pulleys and other mechanisms. Plus, they are rather heavy and you could injure yourself if you aren’t extra careful.

If you have to do it yourself, don’t be alone. Have an assistant who can help bear the weight of the garage door and make sure you don’t get hurt.

What about energy efficiency?

Well, you should certainly consider energy efficiency when adding a garage door to your home. Get an insulated door if you possibly can. Why? It will keep cool air in and hot air out in summer and vice versa in the winter. Your garage door, if not properly insulated, can cause you to increase your energy bills and no one wants that.

What type of door do I install?

Garage doors have lots of varieties, styles and materials. Figure out your budget first and then choose a garage door that fits within that budget. You should also decide the level of care and maintenance you’re going to give your garage door. Some doors are more high maintenance than others. You should also decide between the most common materials such as wood, wood composite, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Then, decide which spring type you want.

Do I want accessories?

Are you getting a garage door opener or using the old one? Any special key remotes? Each of these options is important to decide upon when getting your garage door. We also recommend you have a professional put in the garage door opener. Why? It’s easier and you know it’ll be done right. The opener is what opens and closes the door. You don’t want to get that wrong. It’ll be a truly unsafe door if you do.

If you ask yourself these questions honestly and think hard and long about the answers, it will go a long way towards getting a good garage door. If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door, you obviously have a lot to consider. Let Texas Garage Repair help you out. We’re happy to talk with you about the matter. We can be reached any time at 512.518.6606.



Why Choose C.H.I. Garage Doors?

C.H.I. garage doors are just one of the companies that we carry at Texas Garage Repair. We also carry Wayne Dalton, Amarr and Clopay doors. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should choose a C.H.I. garage door for your home’s needs.

C.H.I. garage doors come in several different styles. They are:

  • Raised panel,
  • Recessed panel,
  • Flush panel,
  • Carriage House overlay,
  • Carriage House stamped,
  • And Accents planks.

Raised Panel Design

There’s the raised panel design. It’s available in both short and long panel options. It’ll add depth to your garage door. The raised panels start with a recessed edge. The interior surface of each panel is brought slightly forward. This adds a hint of definition to the classic door design. It’s a beautiful touch that will add class and sophistication to your garage door.

Recessed Panel Design

In the past, the recessed panel was the way to go. C.H.I. garage doors are bringing it back in fashion with a modern twist. It has the look of a traditional wood frame and panel construction. It’s shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish. You can find these types of doors in both aluminum and steel.

Flush Panel Design

For a more contemporary look, the flush panel design will suffice. They provide straight, clean lines. They’re elegant, plain and simple. You can’t go wrong with this steel door.

Carriage House Overlay Design

C.H.I.’s carriage style doors are carefully crafted. They are the result of an exceptional collection of traditional doors. Available in fiberglass, steel and wood, the Carriage House Overlay Design has beautiful details like window panels that provide durability and elegance.

Carriage House Stamped Design

Combining strength and design, these steel doors come together in a carefully-crafted fashion. C.H.I. doors stands behind the durability and strength of their doors. These doors are shaped from steel and embossed with a wood grain finish.  It replicates the timeless look of carriage style doors for those who don’t have the garage space for the traditional type.

Accents Planks Design

This door is guaranteed to be the focal point of any home or business. It’s micro-grooved and made of steel with wood tone accents. The door is as versatile as it is beautiful. The clean, simple lines of the door make sure that it will match with your home’s overall look whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

C.H.I. garage doors offer variety, versatility and durability. They are a great choice for any homeowner. You can get them uninsulated if you wish. However, we suggest that you consider insulating your garage doors so as not to lose heat during the winter and cool air in the summer. C.H.I. offers two choices for insulation. Both are great. They are polyurethane for a heavier insulation and polystyrene for lighter insulation.

There are many options to choose from so there’s a look for every door. We can even help you decide which door is right for you. Don’t forget to have a professional like us at Texas Garage Repair install your door because the proper installation will ensure that your door will work well for many years. Call us today at 512.518.6606 for more information.


Why Choose Clopay Garage Doors?

You need a new garage door, but you’re overwhelmed by the choices on the market. There are so many brands and styles to choose from. What do you do? For one thing, we suggest you check out the offerings from Clopay Garage Doors. Clopay is reasonably priced and has many residential offerings from which to choose. You’re guaranteed to find something to fit your door and your garage security needs with Clopay.

Clopay has a Door Imagination System where you upload a photo of your home and it shows you what a Clopay garage door will look like on your home. You can pick and choose from a variety of doors and decide which will look best with your home’s architecture and which will be best for functionality. It’s a wonderful tool to help you navigate Clopay’s multiple choices. You can customize your selection with windows, handles, step plates, hinges and even colors.

You can feel comfortable with a Clopay garage door because they’ve received the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval. They will guarantee the door up to two years. As they state, “If any product that bears our Seal proves to be defective within two years from the date it was first sold to a consumer by an authorized retailer, we, Good Housekeeping, will replace or repair the product or refund the purchase price.” So, what are the options? Clopay has a variety of residential door lines.

  • There’s the CANYON RIDGE® collection with faux wood carriage house doors that combine the beauty and texture of natural wood with the energy efficiency of an insulated steel door.
  • The COACHMAN® collection contains authentic carriage house style doors. They’re built with durable, insulated steel and composite overlays.
  • The GRAND HARBOR® collection features steel and composite carriage house style doors. They provide great style at an even better value.
  • The GALLERY® collection provides steel carriage house garage doors in multiple designs and insulation options. This includes Clopay’s own Ultra-Grain finish that looks like natural wood.
  • The CLASSIC™ collection are raised panel and flush steel garage doors that have many design and insulation options including the Ultra-Grain finish. They’ll complement most home styles.
  • The CYPRESS collection has flush insulated steel garage doors in durable yet natural-looking stained wood Ultra-Grain paint finish. They are a complement to both traditional and contemporary homes.
  • The AVANTE™ collection features contemporary aluminum and glass garage doors. These have multiple frame and panel options, including Clopay’s Ultra-Grain finish.
  • RESERVE® collection is a limited edition series that has authentic handcrafted wood carriage house garage doors. These are insulated to provide beauty, energy efficiency and strength. There are custom designs and wood species available.  RESERVE® also has a semi-custom series with authentic, hand-crafted wood carriage house garage doors in multiple wood species at affordable prices.
  • CLASSIC™ WOOD collection is classic raised, recessed and flush panel designs that are handcrafted in the beauty of natural wood.

There truly is something for everyone with Clopay Garage Doors. The biggest problem you’ll have is deciding which door is best for your home. Texas Garage Repair, an authorized Clopay dealer, is happy to help. Call today at 512.518.6606 for their expert opinion and installation.


Why You Could Choose a Wayne Dalton Garage Door

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Picking the Right Garage Door

Now that you know you need a new garage door, what kind do you want? How do you pick the best garage door for your needs? There’s a lot of information to think about when deciding on picking the right garage door. Consider basic material, style and insulation among your first things to think about. You want the door to fit in with your home, to be seamless and look like it belongs there.
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Austin Garage Door Hauling

We offer two things that you might have difficulty getting from other garage door companies in Austin: garage door hauling and free estimates!

We like to consider it a great offer, because the two services are connected.  When your garage door is getting busted and crummy, you may not know if it’s worth your hard-earned money to get it hauled and replaced.  Here are some things you should consider.

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