Your garage, especially if it’s attached to your home – and for the sake of argument, let’s assume it is – can be difficult to keep cool in summer. Central Texas is known for its long, hot summers with skyrocketing temperatures. This can cause the temperature in your garage to go up ten to fifteen degrees or more. We, at Texas Garage Repair, know a little something about this problem.  In this article, we’ll focus on 6 ways to keep your garage cool in summer.

1)      Install weather stripping.

Place self-adhesive weather stripping to the bottom edge of your garage door. This will help seal the gap between the door and the floor when the door itself is closed.  This provides some insulation to keep hot air out and cool air in.

2)      Insulate the garage.

The garbage absorbs heat from the outside environment. Insulating it will provide some relief. We suggest that you search for drafty areas and seal them up.  You may need to replace or bulk up your insulation in the walls and ceiling if what you have currently isn’t getting the job done. You should cover up thermal conductors like metal with insulated materials like plywood, particleboard, plastic or rubber.

3)      Insulate the garage door.

In case you can’t insulate the garage, maybe you can insulate the garage door. If you plan to replace the doors, we suggest going with wood. Wood is effective as a natural insulator. You can also install polystyrene panels or reflective insulating panels on the inside of metal or fiberglass garage doors to insulate the area. Of course, a professional like the ones we have at Texas Garage Repair can easily cut the panels to fit your garage door and secure them in place by fitting them between the panels or taping them in place with painter’s tape.

4)      Plant some trees on the south side of your garage.

By keeping the area directly outside of your garage shady, you can impact the overall heat inside the garage. By planting trees on the southern edge of your garage, the amount of direct sunlight that hits your garage will be reduced. When the trees grow big and thick enough to cast a shadow over your garage for much of the daytime, this can decrease your temperature by a few degrees daily.

5)      Set up an awning outside of the garage.

You should probably do this on either the south or west side. This will keep direct sunlight off the garage. Before setting up the awning, we suggest that you find the garage wall studs on the exterior of the garage. Utilize the hardware provided with the awning and attach it to the exterior studs. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to complete the installation process or hire a service provider to do it for you.

6)      Increase air flow in the garage.

You can do this by opening all the doors and windows in the garage – this includes the large doors in the front of the garage. Take a couple of large fans and place them directly opposite the large door. Turn them on during the coolest parts of the day such as the early morning or late in the evening and let them run for a few hours.

While you can do some of this on your own, we suggest that you contact us for more information on how to maximize your garage’s temperature changes during the summer. To learn more about our services, click here or call us directly at 512-518-6606.