Insulating your garage door for energy efficiency is just smart. However, experts suggest that you don’t go it alone because if insulation isn’t installed correctly, it will cause wear and tear on the door springs. Then that means balance problems can occur. In this article, we’ll delve into the issue of how to insulate your garage door for energy efficiency, paying special attention as to when to call a garage door specialist like Texas Garage Repair.

Why is adding insulation to your door so important?

Adding insulation to your garage door will keep cold air out in winter and the heat out in summer. Insulating your garage door by itself won’t do the job alone. You should also consider insulating your entire garage – if you haven’t already – for maximum benefit. In Texas, though, it can make a bit of difference to insulate the garage door especially if your door is in the sun for any length of time during the day. Why? It has been found that the sun beating directly on a flat garage door with no insulation can raise the heat of the garage by as much as 25 or 30 degrees. That’s a big difference in temperature and can go a long way to saving you money if you get a professional to insulate your door.

What will the professional do?

Well, the professional won’t go completely alone on this. They will want your opinion on what you want done. For example, what R-Value do you want your door? The higher the R-value, the more effective the material is for insulating. Your garage door specialist may suggest the highest R-value for the door you have. You may decide to go a rung or two lower. It’s really up to you.

What kinds of insulation are available to me?

Fiberglass batts are among the cheapest materials used to insulate your garage door. The professional will probably use batts faced with foil or vinyl to keep the fibers from making a mess. Batt insulation has an R-value of 3 or 4 per inch of thickness. You may opt for the more expensive option of rigid foam panels. Why? They offer about twice the thermal resistance of fiberglass. Since most garage door manufacturers have pre-fabricated kits designed for insulation, your garage door repair professional will probably use one of them to insulate your garage door. They are very effective for insulation.

What about weather stripping?

Weather stripping your garage door is a good idea. There’s usually a lot of unsealed space around a typical garage door. Through that space, air can leak into the home from under the door or along the sides where the door meets the walls. To fully insulate the door, you or your professional will want to use a weather stripping kit designed for garage doors. Generally this includes a threshold nailed directly into the ground and neoprene or vinyl seal which adheres to the side of the door. You can also screw in a door bottom seal or sweep into the bottom of the garage door.

No matter what you decide to do to insulate your garage door, it’s probably best to at least consult with a professional first. We, at Texas Garage Repair, are happy to insulate your door at a reasonable price. Please call us today at 512-518-6606 for more information. Check out this article, if you’re looking for other ways to keep your garage cool during the summer.