Wayne Dalton Garage Doors are an industry leader. They offer more than just a way for you to close your garage door. They allow you to do it in style. Wayne Dalton doors have many options for styles and colors from which to choose that you are virtually guaranteed to find the garage door that fits your needs. The folks at Wayne Dalton know that shopping for a garage door is important. There are multiple considerations in your search. In this article, we’ll show why you could choose a Wayne Dalton Garage Door and be very happy with the decision.

Design Style

Wayne Dalton puts extraordinary Garage Door designs within your reach. Wayne Dalton doors come in many different designs, colors, insulation values and sizes. Their Classic Steel Garage Door Models provide traditional panel design. They feature raised or recessed panels that are short or long. They have a ton of window options that will fit just about any home. The Carriage House Steel Garage Door Models provide the look of swinging stable doors with the design security of steel. They appear like they’d swing open, but they move up and down just like any other garage door. Wayne Dalton allows you to choose the option to add windows and decorative hardware to your carriage house door to give it the rustic look you’re most excited about. More modern looking homes work best with the Wayne Dalton Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Model. They’re made of glass and aluminum and complement a home with a clean, modern look. They have large, full-glass panels to fuse indoor and outdoor spaces. The aluminum construction of the door makes them virtually maintenance free so they’re a great choice to get,


Energy costs are high these days so don’t underestimate the power of an insulated garage door. Especially with people using their garages for more than car storage, insulation is more important than ever. The thermal property of insulation is expressed as an R-value. The higher the R-value, the more insulated the door. A higher R-value also reduces outside noise. The door itself will also operate more quietly. Remember that the thicker a door is, doesn’t mean it’s insulated better. Polystyrene insulated doors can look thicker than polyurethane doors,  but polyurethane doors are better insulated. They have a higher R-value.


Wayne Dalton Garage Doors are safe. They don’t want the biggest moving object in your home to be the most dangerous. To that end, Wayne Dalton Garage Doors offer pinch-resistant garage doors and tamper resistant bottom brackets. Pinch resistance is a design feature that that pushes fingers out of harm’s way in case they’re placed too close to a moving garage door. Tamper resistant bottom brackets reduce one’s virtually eliminate the risk of injury from garage door components under tension. The polyurethane insulation provides protection from fire because it reduces the amount of smoke and flames during a fire.


Our steel doors are durable and only need to be cleaned occasionally. Vinyl garage doors can last longer than steel doors especially in rough climates. They are more resistant to dents and are rust-free. They also never need to be painted. Finally, our fiberglass doors create a natural looking, wood-grain surface that is combined with durable steel construction. We do also have real wood garage doors. These may need to be repainted every few years, they add a great deal of curb appeal to your home. Our wood aluminum and glass doors are modern and sophisticated. They have virtually no maintenance but they are NOT full of insulation so keeping them in warmer climes is suggested.


Wayne Dalton Garage Doors are among the only garage door company to offer more than a one-year warranty. They offer some of the best warranties in the business – some are lifetime, limited warranties. Others offer a 10 year warranty.


Wayne Dalton Garage Doors are surprisingly affordable. They’re about 1/2/ the price that people normally expect. Of course, premium wood doors are the most expensive, then it’s fiberglass, steel doors and so forth down the line.  In your consideration of what you’re willing to spend, you should realize that this door won’t be needed again for a long time. Spending a few dollars on a garage door can raise the value of your entire home for now and many years to come.

We hope you see why Wayne Dalton Garage Doors are a good choice for just about anyone. We are happy to carry the brand and are willing to work with you on installing a new door or just repairing the door you do have. For more information about installing a garage door – any brand – call us today at 512-518-6606.